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Bersatu Kita Teguh Bercerai Kita Runtuh

This is an continual project of the familial spirit that my country has long used to unite and reconcile Indonesian society since time immemorial but is now beginning to be forgotten. Many of us humans from various regions of the earth have begun to easily pitted their sheep easily hostile to each other I hope that we all humans to remain peaceful united in the absence of war and division in this world.

The problem is that I am considered a trigger for division and uncomfortable in a conflict-prone place so I am very careful in performing in such a location.

Indonesian people familiar with a term “GOTONG ROYONG” (Mutual Cooperation), which means working together to achieve an outcome that is coveted Which means cooperation, (GOTONG) = work, mutual (ROYONG) = Together with deliberation, customary law, divinity, and familiarity, mutual cooperation is a philosophy and the hallmark of the Indonesian nation.

Bersatu kita teguh bercerai kita runtuh” (United We Stand divided we fall) is jargon that is embedded in my heart deeply and must continue to be and must continue to share with it like there is a theory of broom sticks (sapu lidi) in the philosophy of the Indonesian nation was a symbol of togetherness and unity which form one force, one stick is easy to be broken and will not be able to work a stick broom to clean up the dirt, but if a lot of stick, which are united in one bond eat then they will be able to push an object and clean the dirt pile.

I was born and live in a country where people help each other help to help others regardless of religion and racial social strata rich and poor among us a very warm will feel the love and affection peaceful life peaceful and comfortable everything was positive. But now I feel there is something missing from what happened used to be fun life amid society full of empathy and sympathy for his family I missed a sense that once there is.

Video Person by : Adi Bocor Priyatna
Duration : 9.58 Minutes
Title : Bersatu Kita Teguh Bercerai Kita Runtuh
Year : 2016 

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