Visual artist focused on performance art and photography. Her work has been exhibited in Europe, in countries such as Poland, Germany, Ireland, Spain, France, England, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakya. In Asia in Beijing at 798 art zone, in Latin America in countries as Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela and Argentina, at the Museum of Latin American Art of Argentina, Malba.

She served as workshop at the University Museum of Chopo, where she participated on several occasions in the international festival of performance, as well as the museum Ex Teresa Arte Actual, presenting the performance piece known as indelible, which allowed her to explore themes of identity. She works in social art projects focused on self-recognition of individuals through social art to improve from their community. Her photography work has been directed recently to the documentation within the framework of social art projects in vulnerable polygons at high risk for delinquency.

Her work has been published in magazines like Geifco Action Art Magazine in Barcelona, ALZAPRIMA Magazine in Chile, catalogs V and VI of Action Art from the Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM, in the Arte acción y Performance en los muchos Méxicos Book by Josefina Alcazar, Kabaret Kaput catalog. Also in the national cultural TV programs at different states of México.